Convenient Care At Home

Inspiration Home Health offers individuals and families a variety of personal care services that provide assistance to all ages. Our professional staff and services enable clients to remain in their homes, retaining their sense of pride and independence. Most importantly, our clients have the freedom to make their own choices.

Improve Your Health

When a loved one is aging and has an acute or chronic illness, it is critical that they receive appropriate medical supervision. For many people, home health care workers can help loved ones maintain their level of wellness for a longer period of time. In fact, research shows that home health care services can improve a client’s ability to walk or move around, get in and out of bed, have less pain when moving around, improve bladder control, get better at bathing, have less shortness of breath, and need less urgent medical care in general.

Reduces Stress for Caregivers

Inspiration Home Health provides peace of mind to caregivers. Our loving team of professionals are in the patient’s home frequently providing one-on-one care. With our presence in the home we are able to alleviate some of the worry and concern that revolves around caregiving. Our goal is to allow caregivers more time with their families, and more time for themselves.

Saves the Patient and Family Money

The alternatives for home health care are hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and outpatient rehab centers. Home Health is less expensive, more convenient than, and just as effective as care you get in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or outpatient rehab center. In fact, home health care is covered by Medicare, and at Inspiration Home Health we never charge our patients for any services we provide.